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My world shifts a little on it’s axis

Last week was just like any other, except for my minor triumph in re-organising our insurance.  Feeling rather satisfied with the collective results of the week, Friday night at home in front of the fire was much anticipated. “How was … Continue reading

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Your ‘LINK-SAVE’ Policy

We are in the process of tidying up.  Money, the house, the garden, the children, our relationship – you name it, everything is being spring cleaned. Last year, we paid off our mortgage (my parents did not quite spend all … Continue reading

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Swopping Allison for Bentley

Allison has been with me for years.  Before babies and before I even owned a house.  I got her in return for doing some tax returns.   Allison is an tatty old upright piano.  She is clad in oak, and her … Continue reading

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Safe at home

This is my first weekend at home for a while.  By the fire, surrounded by a shambles of nearly dry washing, insurance papers, a couple of sleepy cats, and a sewing machine that exploded with a loud bang and waft … Continue reading

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